• Men’s Circle is Soul Work


    This is a safe and supportive place for men to connect to their feelings with an open heart. It's a space to learn how to use our feelings consciously and responsibly in order to serve ourselves personally and professionally. To connect with other men on a deep and authentic level.


    In this space, we dedicate distinct themes, contexts, and the social technologies of Possibility Management, declaring energetic qualities to embark on new experiments and new perspectives, evoking authentic transformation.


    Men in modern culture are taught to suppress their feelings. We are taught that feeling is not OK, and that men must feel a certain way or only at specific times. This has led men down a destructive path of both the self and the planet. We are taught to give away our center. We give it away to authority, to institutions, to our parents, teachers, partners, even to the past or the future. By taking back our center we can do things out of our own authority. We do it for ourselves.


    Adventure and Transformation. It is for those who are ready to leave the old self behind and enter into the unknown.


    A dedicated space to push the edges of our box, or ego, and see the possibilities that lie outside of it. At this very moment the entire world population is descending into the underworld. Everyone on the planet is now an initiate in a collective rite of passage. We live in a world that is focused on the mind. A world that has become dependent on information, on knowing what will come next. This false state of comfort in knowing what will come next has been shaken. We are faced with tremendous difficulties such as global climate change, deforestation, vanishing species, immense social injustice, collapsing institutions, and the coronavirus. Men’s Circle is not an attempt to change the Patriarchy, rather an escape team to leave it and build our own gameworlds. To regain our connection to the sacred, to being, to genius, and to our own authenticity.


    In modern culture, men are thrown into the world uninitiated.


    There is no soulful celebration of manhood, no rite of passage that is widely practiced. We are not held by our communities and taught to be authentic. Instead we are bombarded from the moment we are born into the Patriarchy, which has expectations of us to be powerful, to pursue and be successful in a lifelong career, to suppress our feelings, to be okay being addicted to TV, video games, sex, beer, tobacco, numbing agents, aggression... "manly things"


    Men are rewarded in our society from superficial Ego-inflated behavior.


    The true meaning of what it means to be a man is lost. And the old ways are not always relevant. In this changing world, how do we redefine what it means to be a man?


  • What will we do in a Men's Circle?

    We will meet every Monday evening at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time and hold a safe, confidential, and dedicated space for one another to embody bright principles of transformation, clarity, connection, community, adventure, and love into our lives.


    We will explore new maps and distinctions within a Next Culture context, pushing the edges of our modern culture.


    We'll empower each other by going into feeling and sharing processes, giving supportive feedback.


    We'll bring clarity to the four feelings; Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Joy, and learn how to use them consciously and responsively in order to serve ourselves, unlocking their Archetypal power.


    We will explore stories and myth, how their timelessness can draw out meaning and how we can use them to bring purpose into our lives.

  • Men's Circle Is Not

    • A place for Patriarchs to revel in adolescent misogynistic habits and behaviors
    • A Gremlin feeding ground (more on "Gremlin" later)
    • A place to hide feelings behind a wall of "Macho-ness"
    • A place to talk about how much you like sports or chasing women
    • A place to hit on other men or explore sexual orientation
    • A place to "Bro-Out"
    • A place to be under the influence or drink alcohol together
    • A place to compete with other men
    • A place to impose or convince others of your spiritual or religious practice
    • A place to impose your political beliefs

  • Rules of Men's Circle

    Don't hurt yourself

    Don't hurt others

    • We will meet once a week via Zoom
    • The session will last for no more than 1.5 hours, We will always end on time or earlier. 
    • There will be a five minute window before and after the start time, those who show up late will not be allowed in. 
    • Bring a notebook and pen. 
    • Make sure you are in a private and quiet space where you can talk aloud and will not be distracted
    • Refrain from mind altering substances before and during (alcohol/weed) 
    • Please only drink water and do not eat during the meetings
    Below is a schedule of Men's Circle meeting

  • 7/12/20

    7:00 pm-mst

    Agenda - What is Men's Circle?

    How to be Centered, Check-in's, Four Feelings


    7:00 pm-MST

    Centering, check-in's, the box, 'what is my box?' sharing


    7:00 pm-MST

    5 Bodies & Possibility Speaking


    7:00 pm-mst

    Low and High Drama


    7:00 pm-mst

    Numbness Bar & Low Level Feeling


    7:00 pm-mst

    Sharing & Feedback


    7:00 pm-mst

    Gameworld Building / Sharing & Feedback on your own Gameworld


    7:00 pm-mst



    7:00 pm-mst

    Box and Being

  • 9/14/20

    7:00 pm-mst

    Box and Being Continued

    9/21/20 Monday

    7:00 pm-MST

    Story Making & Is-glue

  • Sign up to be in Men's Circle

    Emails will be used to confirm meeting times and give resources upon request

  • Quinn Vidas

    I was born and raised in Minnesota. During my childhood I was fortunate enough to travel the world with my family. I feel that those experiences sparked a passion for exploration and adventure. I am the youngest of 5. During my first year out of high school, and half way through my first year of college, I experienced something which put me in a deep liquid state for a couple years. I quickly left the institution, and during this time I had noticed the vast disconnects in our culture, and the impact it had on my being. In seeking new ways to connect people and share experiences with the planet, I moved to Northern Minnesota and enrolled in a Community College which offered a degree in Outdoor Leadership. Since then I have spent years working seasonally in the outdoor education industry, learning about primitive skills and traveling.

    Paradigm Shift

    In 2018, I attended Expand The Box. A core training for Possibility Management, a paradigm shift through exploring new thought maps, feelings work, group processes, and becoming a cultural edge worker. Since then my interest and exploration of Possibility Management has opened many doors. Recently I have discovered a strong gravitational pull to the gameworlds of Men's Group. My interest began by listening to a podcast called The Mythic Masculine with Ian Mackenzie, as well as reading a book called Courting the Wild Twin by Dr. Martin Shaw. I have also been participating in weekly Possibility Management Processes on Zoom and a study group with Clinton Callahan on his book Radiant Joy, Brilliant Love. The realization that we can all become edgeworkers has called me to hold space for men in an effort to escape the Patriarchy and build new gameworlds. I am excited to grow and learn with you!

  • Resources for Men

    Great books, podcasts, and websites!

    ​Books ~

    • Courting the Wild Twin by Dr. Martin Shaw 
    • Scatterlings by Dr. Martin Shaw 
    • Secrets of the Talking Jaguar by Martin Prechtal (and many more)
    • Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul by Michael Meade (and many more)
    • Awakening the Soul: A Deep Response to a Troubled World by Michael Meade
    • Directing the Power of Conscious Feeling: Living your Own Truth by Clinton Callahan
    • Building Love that Lasts by Clinton Callahan
    • Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein (and many more)
    Podcasts ~
    Websites ~