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  • Discover Authenticity


    Space Purpose 

    Simply put; the purpose of Men's Circle is to discover your true authentic self. To create real connections in your life. To help one another overcome obstacles, navigate feelings and emotions, ask for coaching, provide and receive honest feedback. It's a space to learn how to feel to our fullest capacity, to embark bravely on bold experiments that push our comfort zones, to create meaningful connections in our lives, and to explore a deep dive into life's most troubling questions.

    Who is my authentic self?
    How can I create connections with others in my life that go beyond the ordinary?
    How can I solve problems and live with suffering while still thriving and transforming?
    How can I heal past trauma and evoke real transformation?
    How do I responsibly and safely express the big and loud feelings?
    How do I feel the ones I have guilt or shame about?
    These are all questions I ask myself. What questions do you have?



    Make this your call to adventure. Real adventure.


    This space is dedicated to push the edges of our box, or ego, and to see the possibilities that lie outside of it. We live in a world that is focused on the mind. A world that has become dependent on information, on knowing with certainty. Men are largely focused on technology more than women. We have been trained to use our intellect and ignore feelings when confronted with problems and conflict. As a result, we have drifted away from authenticity and skillful communication from our hearts. This space is dedicated to experimenting with tools and concepts that push the limits of our comfort zones and into territories that ignite changes. You can make this your call to adventure. Real adventure. Real danger. Real transformation.

  • You may be wondering, why is this a 'Men’s Circle'? 


    In modern culture men are taught to suppress and modify their feelings in ways that are specific to being a 'man' in the modern world. We are taught that feeling is not OK and that men must be tough and fearless. From my own experience as a man, and after talking to other men, I estimate that most of us feel disconnected from something we can't quite put our finger on. What is it that we are disconnected from? What are we missing out on or losing as men in such a technologically and mentally focused world? What I and so many other men are longing for is authenticity and genuine connection. Our typical gatherings together consist of surface level and ordinary connections, usually in the participation of numbing substances and activities i.e. beer, pot, video games, TV. I don’t think these are good or bad, it only depends on their consequences and how we feel about them. I want to create more opportunities for men to take part in holding spaces that are extraordinary, that push our comfort zones, that evoke transformation, that help us heal trauma and past wounds, that create genuine friendship and relation.

  • A safe and confidential space

    The space is held with integrity, respect, and love. This is a totally confidential space, meaning nothing shared in the circle is to be shared or discussed outside unless consent is giving. Every meeting will begin with an agreement to confidentiality. Content such as tools and other context goodies can be shared with the exclusion of any personal information or experiences.


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    What will we do?

    We will learn and use tools, skills and experiments that serve the purpose (see above) of the space. We will embark on experiments and practices that may be very fun and active and may also be uncomfortable. We will try things and decide if they work, implementing them into our lives. We will learn how to communicate and connect more effectively with one another. We will learn what feelings are and how to distinguish them from emotions and feel them in their purest form.


    The list goes on and on.

  • Rules of Men's Circle

    Don't hurt yourself

    Don't hurt others

    • Please refrain from mind altering substances before and during (alcohol/weed) 
    • We will meet once a week, regular attendance is strongly encouraged as we will go over material that will transform our language and allow us to go into experiments quicker.
    • The session will last for no more than 1.5 hours or 90  minutes 
    • There will be a 5 minute window before and after the start time, those who show up late will not be allowed in. 
    • Bring a notebook and pen.
    • Please only drink water and do not eat during the meetings
    Below is the schedule for Men's Circle

    The agendas are subject to change.

  • TBD mid-November

    What is Men's Circle?

    How to be Centered


    Sharing & Feedback

    Four Feelings

    Numbness Bar


    What is the Box?

    Sharing & Feedback

  • Men's Circle Is Not

    • A space to hide feelings behind a wall of "Macho-ness"
    • A space to "Bro-Out"
    • A space to dominate
    • A space to be under the influence or drink alcohol
    • A space to compete with other men (we will watch for this) 
    • A space to impose your political beliefs

  • Sign up to be in Men's Circle

    Emails will be used to confirm meeting times and give resources upon request

  • Quinn Vidas

    I was born and raised in Minnesota. During my childhood I was fortunate enough to travel the world with my family. I feel that those experiences sparked a passion for exploration and adventure. I am the youngest of 5. During my first year out of high school, and halfway through my first year of college, I experienced something which put me in a deep liquid state for a couple years. I quickly left the institution, and during this time I had noticed the vast disconnects in our culture, and the impact it had on my being. In seeking new ways to connect people and share experiences with the planet, I moved to Northern Minnesota and enrolled in a Community College which offered a degree in Outdoor Leadership. Since then I have spent years working seasonally in the outdoor education industry, learning about primitive skills and traveling. In the last 3 years I have discovered distinctions, tools and experiments which have evoked great transformations in me and have kept the torch of curiosity burning hot. I am so excited to continue learning and sharing what I find with those around me.

    Paradigm Shift

    In 2018, I attended my first Expand The Box. A core training for Possibility Management, a paradigm shift through exploring new thought maps, feelings work, group processes, and becoming a cultural edge worker.


    Since then my interest and exploration of Possibility Management has opened many doors. I attended two Possibility Labs (intensive right of passage and emotion healing processes) and another Expand the Box. I participated in weekly Possibility Management Processes on Zoom and a study group with Clinton Callahan and his book Radiant Joy, Brilliant Love for many months.


    For a little over one year, I held space for a weekly online Men's Circle. It was life changing to say the least. The authenticity and brotherhood forged in that particular group of guys was unbelievable. The friendships and connections made are thriving to this day. I'm very excited to hold space for men like this but in person!


    The realization that we can all become edgeworkers has called me to hold space for men in an effort to escape the Patriarchy and build new gameworlds. I am excited to grow and learn with you!

  • Resources for Men

    Great books, podcasts, and websites!

    ​Books ~

    • Courting the Wild Twin by Dr. Martin Shaw 
    • Scatterlings by Dr. Martin Shaw 
    • Secrets of the Talking Jaguar by Martin Prechtal (and many more)
    • Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul by Michael Meade (and many more)
    • Awakening the Soul: A Deep Response to a Troubled World by Michael Meade
    • Directing the Power of Conscious Feeling: Living your Own Truth by Clinton Callahan
    • Building Love that Lasts by Clinton Callahan
    • Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein (and many more)
    Podcasts ~
    Websites ~